McCon Manages Extensive Change-in-Control Operation Under Tight Deadlines

November 15, 2019


Though McCon is headquartered in Texas, the project management team has extensive experience coordinating major projects across the U.S.

For this project, McCon helped a major convenience store chain rapidly update and rebrand 36 locations that had recently been acquired. The project required coordinating operations and communication between multiple teams in order to perform site surveys along with significant updates to fuel dispensers and POS systems.

Key Competencies:

  • Delivering results under tight deadlines
  • Remotely coordinating multiple teams
  • Ability to facilitate communication for a seamless experience between client and contractors


A global convenience store chain had recently acquired 36 new locations as part of an aggressive expansion strategy. These locations were spread across Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island, with each consisting of a convenience store and attached gas station.

Following the acquisition, each site needed to go through a rapid rebranding and change-in-control (CIC) process. Each location needed a fuel audit and significant POS upgrades that would allow the parent company to have full visibility into each store’s operations, particularly in regard to in-store sales and fuel tank readings. Furthermore, this was to occur at all 36 locations on an aggressive timeline in order to minimize disruption in operations and sales.

Despite being a global company with an extensive corporate structure, the client did not possess the internal resources necessary to perform the CIC operation and integrate the new locations in an acceptable time frame. Therefore, they decided to hand control of the operation over to McCon as an outside project management contractor.


McCon was chosen to lead the CIC project based on its history of delivering outstanding results for this client, particularly on complex projects with tight deadlines. Minimizing store downtime and coordinating multiple teams were of particular importance, two areas where McCon had already demonstrated superior abilities.

Because the newly acquired locations were spread across the Northeast, coordinating local resources was key to finishing the project within the desired time frame. McCon facilitated communication between the client, vendors, and local technicians, assuring that all operations were handled in the most efficient manner possible. McCon’s project management team ensured that both workers and supplies arrived where they needed to be and on time, holding to the tight schedule.


The desired operations were completed for all 36 sites in a two-week period between 7/8/19 and 7/22/19. Due to the efficient planning and coordination of resources, each site achieved its goal of going online within a 4-6 hour window on the day of construction — critical for minimizing lost revenue and customer inconvenience.

All sites were rebranded to the client’s image, and the appropriate upgrades were made (including POS and ATG upgrades) giving the client immediate access to sales data, tank readings, and critical compliance information. Additionally, dispenser upgrades at each location increased security by reducing the risk of fraud.

McCon’s comprehensive project management abilities allowed the client to seamlessly execute a significant expansion project with minimal application of internal resources. As a result, the client increased its footprint in a matter of days rather than weeks, gaining a foothold in a lucrative market in which they have since solidified their presence.