Fuel System Construction

Fuel System Construction You Can Count On

Whether you are installing a new fuel system, remodeling an existing system, or performing a repair, the quality of work will determine the longevity of the system. With McCon, you can count on expertly executed workmanship to help keep your business running smoothly and save you money in the long run. Our experienced and professional staff, passion for customer service, and absolute commitment to every project we take on allow us to consistently meet budget and timeline goals while maintaining the highest standards of quality. With fully licensed crews located across Texas, we’ve successfully completed projects of all kinds, from the simplest and most straightforward to the most complex and challenging. Whether your need is big or small, we’re here for you

Why Choose McCon?

Quality & Accountability

When McCon is contracted on your project, we own our responsibility to make it a success. Over 99% of the construction projects we have completed have operated without needing a single in-warranty service visit. We are fuel system construction experts and problem solvers, and we go above and beyond to deliver you a system that works safely and reliably for the long haul.

Everything Under One Roof

McCon manages and executes every part of the project, from inception right through completion and start-up. Our expert construction management team handles the coordination, cost, and scheduling of everything from beginning to end, so you don’t have to.

Safety & Compliance

Work that is unsafe or non-compliant with standards and regulations can cost you big in the long run. With McCon, you can rest assured that everything is done 100% by the book, every time.

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We are now a part of the JF Petroleum Group! Read the Press Release HERE!
We are now a part of the JF Petroleum Group! Read the Press Release HERE!